The "Digging For Gold" Program

The First Interview in this series that seeks out wisdom on some big life questions from anyone I can find! My dad, Sam, is featured in this clip.  He's my co-author on a book we are just finishing, "Italian Wisdom"- the inspiration for this video series.  In "Italian Wisdom", we share some proverbs that have been passed down through generations in our family, and I reflect on their meaning in my life.  The book project made me realize that everyone has wisdom to share, and I want to hear as much of it as possible in the "Digging For Gold" Program!!

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Marley helps me welcome in Fall.  He's the subject of Len's next Picture Book, "Marlucci The Food Snob", which I'll be pitching to publishers soon!

NBC News Coverage of "Daddy's Football Game" Release Party at KEVA Sports Center in Middleton, WI.  (Yes, it's recorded on a cellphone from my my family room!)

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Record Cold- Water Freezing Mid-air in a WI Tundra Moment

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